Just one setting is enough and you can destroy the BIOS or UEFI, the basic operating system of your computer. How to reset the BIOS – so that everything works again!

Resetting the BIOS / UEFI in the system: You can access the BIOS itself by pressing a certain key directly after switching on the PC – depending on the manufacturer. Often it is the F2 or “Del” key. The corresponding note should be found in the manual of your mainboard. Then look for “Load Default Settings” (or something similar) in the settings and then confirm your entry. In this way you restore the standard values ​​of the BIOS, as they were set when the computer was delivered.

Bios update in 8 steps – safe and fast

Briefly remove the battery on the motherboard: If you do not even get into the BIOS, a hardware reset often helps. Make sure that the PC is always switched off and disconnected from the power supply before you start to change anything on the components. A common method is to remove the motherboard’s flat battery. This battery ensures that the main board saves the most important settings and the time and date. Remove the battery to clear the settings. But then wait ten to twenty minutes before you put it back in – due to the residual voltage, the settings can be retained for a few minutes despite the lack of power.
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Uefi and Bios: How to solve typical problems

“Clear CMOS” button or switch: The second option is a little more convenient, but it differs depending on the type of motherboard. The manual under the heading “Clear CMOS” tells you what options your motherboard offers. Modern motherboards have a button labeled accordingly on the circuit board or in the back panel. On older motherboards, the “Clear CMOS” function is housed in a small bridge that connects two pins together – often also called “JBAT1” jumper (manual!).
This is a connector that is usually in position 1-2 next to the battery. To delete the BIOS settings, set the position of the small switch to position 2-3. The position can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Then start the computer, which will probably not start the operating system. Turn it off again and then set the jumper back to the original position – and your BIOS is reset. A number of providers also install buttons near the I / O ports to reset the BIOS without having to unscrew the computer.

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